About Us

Stonefinch is an Agile Development and Data Analytics consultancy.
Translation: We are data geeks that love to build great software.

Our Values

Our highest priority is to build lasting relationships, everything else comes second. We love what we do and we are proud of the software we create, but we never forget that people come first. We encourage continuous growth with every project and stay active members of the technology community.

Why Agile?

In short, because agile development is more successful.
Traditional software development is difficult, which is why many projects fail. Agile development focuses on individuals and interactions over tools and technology. It values working software over endless documentation. But most of all, it makes software development fun.
We start by interviewing the end users and stakeholders and putting together a list of desired functionality. This list is flexible, items can be added or removed from the list throughout the project. The list is prioritized and we start by working on the highest priority items first. We release software one feature at a time, and we test them as we go. Stakeholders are involved every step of the way to provide feedback, they know exactly what is going on at all times. After a feature is released, we review what we have learned and update the priority of the remaining items.
Due to agile development you get higher quality software with exactly the features you want, and you have fun along the way!